WBEC-Pacific WBE2WBE Program

Act Intentionally – Grow Together

WBEC-Pacific WBE2WBE Program is an initiative encouraging WBEC-Pacific WBENC-Certified Woman Business Enterprises (WBEs) to collaborate and contract within the WBEC-Pacific community. The WBE2WBE Program echoes WBENC’s C.O.R.E. competencies – Certification, Opportunities, Resources, and Engagement, and accelerates opportunities delivered to WBEC-Pacific WBEs by assisting WBE to WBE contracting.

WBEC-Pacific WBE2WBE Program will help women business enterprises leveraging the WBEC-Pacific network for business growth and sustainability.

WBEs that buy from other WBEs, with any business transaction greater than $250, are qualified to compete for WBEC-Pacific Done Deals™ Awards. The companies who report the most Done Deals™ receive high honors and visibility at the WBEC-Pacific Annual Holiday Award Gala.

Simply fill out the form below with information regarding your company’s RFP. Your RFP will be listed in WBEC-Pacific’s Monthly eNewsletter – TrueNorth, as well as distributed to matching WBEC-Pacific WBEs, upon approval.

WBE2WBE Request for Proposal (RFP) Form