Become an WBEC-Pacific Volunteer

As a nonprofit organization with a big vision and territory, and wonderful opportunities to help women-owned businesses grow and prosper through education and certification, Women’s Business Enterprise Council – Pacific ( WBEC-Pacific) relies on member volunteers to support its efforts.

In-kind services, mentoring, participation in leadership roles, presentations at WBEC-Pacific events and webinars, participation on committees – Certification & Site Visits, Education, Marketing, Sponsorship, and Corporate Member Retention & Recruitment – and special event planning all rely on volunteer support. Volunteer commitments range from a few hours to ongoing participation.

Thank you for considering to offer your support!

Standing (On-Going) Committees:

  • Certification & Site Visits – Reviews application and supporting documents for WBE certification; conducts site visits and makes recommendations on the files reviewed; ensures the integrity of the certification process. Time commitment: Monthly committee meeting (3 hours) and monthly assigned site visits (1 – 3+hours).
  • Sponsorship – Reach out to other members and national Corporate WBENC members with event sponsorship information throughout the year. Quarterly time commitment: 3+ hours.
  • Education – Develop educational/networking programs and monitor member satisfaction; plan existing and new programs for WBE Members. Monthly time commitment: 1+ hours.
  • Corporate Member Retention & Recruitment – Assist with recruiting new Corporate Members and retaining current Corporate Members. Quarterly time commitment: 3 – 4 hours.
  • Marketing – Develop and implement strategies for creating awareness of and building loyalty for Astra among the region’s women-owned businesses and publicaly traded corporations headquartered in the region. Works with Sponsorship, Education and Corporate Member Retention & Recruitment committees to develop messaging and collateral. Executes social media strategy. Monthly time commitment: 3 – 4 hours.

Special Event Committees:

The special event committees assist with planning and executing WBEC-Pacific events. Tasks include organizing event logistics, coordinating volunteers, soliciting items for silent auctions/donations, coordinating with the Marketing Committee, and more. Committee meetings begin 3-6 months prior to the event. WBEC-Pacific major events include:

  • Regional Economic Development Summit
  • Regional WBEC-Pacific Leadership Networking Event
  • Industry Group Event
  • Annual Holiday Award Gala
  • Webinar: WBE Supplier Development Series

Interested in becoming a WBEC-Pacific Volunteer?

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